The Story Behind Tek4Kids

In 1998, after retiring from a 30-year career with an international technology firm, Gary Boice, along with his wife Cathy, became volunteers providing technological assistance to local inner-city schools. Working with children from impoverished backgrounds quickly became a passion for them, and subsequently Gary and Cathy became involved in some humanitarian groups working abroad.

They travelled to Haiti for several years, helping to install water purification systems, electrical systems and other projects that improved the living conditions of the people. Touched by the destitution that they witnessed and feeling the need to do more for the communities, Gary and Cathy were inspired to branch out and form their own charitable non-profit organization, Tek4Kids.

Since 2006, Tek4Kids has been working in Haiti with focus on Dupity, a rural area in the North, and Jérémie, a city located in the southwestern part of the country. Our experience has shown that working with schools has a big impact on Haitian communities. They function as cores for the society and are, therefore, perfect to be used as distributors for knowledge and goods.

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