Facts about Haiti

Haitian Art


May, 18, 2013 Tanja Facts about Haiti 0

Haiti is shaped by lots of different cultures, with African, French, Spanish, and American Indian roots. Haitian paintings are often characterized by vivid colors and the mystic stories, rituals, and gods of the voodoo religion. The second main branch of Haitian art besides canvas paintings is metal art. Click here to see a video of …

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Haitian Music


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Traditionally, the main music genre in Haiti is Kompa. It developed from Méringue, which is the national music genre since the 1800s in Haiti. Nowadays, a lot of young people are also listening to Haitian rap, often discussing social and political issues as well as materialism. Click here to listen to some Kompa! You can …

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Poverty Cycle

HAITI ECONOMY ~ Poverty Cycle

May, 04, 2013 Tanja Facts about Haiti 0

There is always a story behind the poverty of a country, and a cycle that keeps the dynamics of this poverty in place. Click here to see a graphic of how we interpret the situation in Haiti and what we are doing to break this cycle of poverty! You can also find more facts about …

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Economy Background

HAITI ECONOMY ~ Background

Apr, 27, 2013 Tanja Facts about Haiti 0

There are various problems Haiti’s economy is faced with, infrastructure being one of them. Lots of the streets in Haiti are not paved and in poor condition due to the earthquake or landslides. It often takes hours to travel short distances and the villages in the mountains are mostly cut off from traffic completely. Providing …

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