Thanks for Supporting Tek4Kids!

Thank you so much for your caring and generous support of T4K during the past year. With your help, we continue to build upon our programs and projects which impact the lives of more than 2,000 students in the community of Jeremie, Haiti. Through the use of iPads and laptops, we utilize hundreds of educational … Continue reading Thanks for Supporting Tek4Kids!

2017 Golf Scramble Thank You

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all golfers, sponsors, in-kind donors and volunteers who supported the 5th Annual Golf Scramble for Haiti which was held on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at Covered Bridge Golf Club. This special event raises awareness of the needs of the school children and support of ongoing projects … Continue reading 2017 Golf Scramble Thank You

Good to Be Back in Haiti by Eric Hoffman

I had been talking with Gary Boice for the better half of a year about returning to Jeremie, Haiti but outside events kept arising to delay the trip. First, there was the onset of Hurricane Matthew in October, 2016. Then there was political unrest in January, 2017. Finally in late April, after a speedy road-trip … Continue reading Good to Be Back in Haiti by Eric Hoffman

Tek4Kids Director Bridges Past with Present

“I have been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life since retiring after 22 years of service with the US Army. My kids are adults now and I am basically free to explore a new life. The answer to this dilemma came via a phone call from my friend … Continue reading Tek4Kids Director Bridges Past with Present

A Life-Saving Gift

Haiti Coordinator Maryse King recently visited with Sister Raymond, director of the Centre de Montfort, to learn more about the impact of Tek4Kids on the children who live there. Sister Raymond explained that before Tek4Kids came to Montfort, supplying water for the orphanage was a logistical nightmare, due to its location on a steep hillside. … Continue reading A Life-Saving Gift

Assessing Damage and Moving Forward in Jeremie

Tek4Kids founders Gary and Cathy Boice recently traveled to Jeremie, Haiti to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and continue making plans for our response to this disaster. Priorities included providing housing assistance for our teachers and staff, distributing purified water to the community, determining if laptops, inverters and other equipment can be salvaged … Continue reading Assessing Damage and Moving Forward in Jeremie

Devastation in Jeremie, Haiti

On Tuesday, October 4, Hurricane Matthew made a direct hit on the coastal city of Jeremie, the town in western Haiti where our Tek4Kids staff and partner schools are located. We have been unable to make direct contact with our staff in Jeremie, but we have heard accounts of the extensive damage from other sources. … Continue reading Devastation in Jeremie, Haiti

Dreams Come True for Tek4Kids Volunteer

Many older folks like to exaggerate about their long treks to school when they were kids, saying they walked miles in the rain or snow to arrive at their destination. But Tek4Kids volunteer Yemi Sulaimon does not need to embellish his story of hardship. As a child growing up outside of Lagos, Nigeria, he literally … Continue reading Dreams Come True for Tek4Kids Volunteer