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Cathedral of the Assumption

Feb, 06, 2013 Tanja Our Partners 0

The Cathedral of the Assumption looks back to a long history of faith formation in Louisville, Kentucky. Dedicated in 1852, it is the mother church of the diocese and plays an active role in the faith landscape of downtown Louisville as well as Southern Indiana. With Father Jeffery S. Nicolas as pastor, the Cathedral of …

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Project Istwa

Feb, 06, 2013 Tanja Our Partners 0

Project Istwa was founded in 2011 by Linda D. Thélémaque and Fiona Korwin-Pawlowski, who worked together in medical mission after the earthquake in Haiti 2010. The organization’s goal is to build stronger communities and empower the Haitian youth by using photography. Besides to experience community together, they are given the possibility to express what their …

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New Life International

Feb, 06, 2013 Tanja Our Partners 0

New Life International is a nonprofit organization which was founded by a family, which was experiencing the health risks caused by contaminated water, first hand in Ecuador. It is based in Underwood, Indiana and was incorporated in 1998. The organization has developed a simple but effective water purifier to help provide safe drinking water around …

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