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Make A Difference In The World - Volunteer with Us!

Volunteers are special people. In most cases, they started as cash donors, or they were invited by a friend to help with an event. While Tek4Kids surely needs cash, our volunteers are a powerful part of our family.

Once you make the move to volunteer, your life is changed forever. There is a world of difference between “hitting SEND” for an online donation, and actually being physically present to see, hear, and speak with real people whose lives are being changed by Tek4Kids.

Tek4Kids knows your time is very valuable. We honor your choice to volunteer by:
  • listening carefully to your anticipated goals
  • planning with you for a successful experience
  • listening again to evaluate what we achieved together

Please read about our volunteer opportunities below and complete the Contact Form to learn how we can craft your available time into a fine experience for you and be of greatest assistance to our Haitian partners!

Call For Talents

Particularly urgent we’re looking for individuals with talents and skills in the following fields:
  • French /and or Créole
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Work
  • Mechanics
  • Computers and Networking
  • Crafts
  • Teaching English
  • Website experience
  • Event management

To Volunteer ...

Our headquarters is located in New Albany, and we are primarily working in the Louisville area. People willing to help for special occasions once a year are as warmly welcomed as those who want to get more involved and help more frequently. We are grateful for every pair of hands and every head of ideas wanting to join Tek4Kids. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

You are interested in volunteering with us, but you don’t live around Louisville? No problem! You can volunteer from whichever place you are living at. There is a host of projects that do not require geographical closeness. You could work with us online or even found your own Tek4Kids branch or youth group! We would love to discuss the numerous possibilities to get you involved!

This may be your chance to get to know another culture and work directly where your help is needed the most! You can join Tek4Kids for one of our trips to Jérémie or volunteer in Haiti for a longer period. There are a lot of unique opportunities to help on the spot in Haiti. Every single person is appreciated very much. Please feel free to contact us about potential involvement!

Is your organization, church group, youth group or family interested in assisting us with the endeavor to build a better future for Haiti? If you’d like to work together on a third-world project and change something on our planet, we have your opportunity. We would be happy to find unique possibilities for you and your group to bring in your talents and dynamism!

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