Brother Paulin School

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After hearing about the successful water purification system that Tek4Kids installed at St. Therese Montessori School, the headmaster of Brother Paulin School (BPS), a school located in downtown Jeremie, asked Tek4Kids for assistance. BPS is one of the oldest schools in Jeremie and was founded 1877 by a Catholic Order. Brother Paulin School provides general education for almost 500 children from kindergarten age to 6th grade. Lots of children and their families have difficulties paying the tuition and are supported by the school as much as possible. Due to this struggle with poverty, this school is in urgent need of sustainable long-term support to provide a healthy and productive learning environment.

Project Steps

  • Install Electricity
  • Construct 8,000 gallon Cistern + Pump House
  • Install Filtration System
  • Train Water Purification Team
  • Construct Security/Retaining Wall Behind Cistern
  • Install Chlorinator System
  • Start Pumping Water
  • Run Electricity to Principals Office
  • Install Lights in Future PC Lab
  • Urgent!! Remodel classroom and new Roof on Sections of Newly Acquired Building
  • Help German Non-Profit With Latrine
  • Setup for Electric Backup with Shared Generator
  • Add 5 Water Jug Fill Stations
  • Prepare PC Lab room (paint, table & chairs, projector mount, network connections, teacher’s station, security for laptops)
  • Install 12 PCs in PC Lab Classroom
  • Remodel the Kitchen/Cafeteria Building and construct a Hand Washing Station for Cafeteria
  • Assist with Security Walls, Improving School Yard and Playground


  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Awaiting Funds

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