St. Therese Montessori School

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The water purification system at St. Therese Montessori School (STM) is the project that started everything. In 2006, on one of their mission trips with a team from the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville, KY, Gary and Cathy Boice discovered that safe drinking water is one of the most urgent needs for the children of Haiti. After much research and investigation of different water systems, we recieved water purification training from Edge Outreach in Louisville. Tek4Kids, in received in a joint effort with the Cathedral of the Assumption, took on its first water purification project. Construction began with the existing cistern by adding a concrete roof and waterproof liner. Tek4Kids installed a pump house containing a filter and chlorination system with the help of local craftsmen. In early 2011, the water purification system was completed and now provides 225 children and their families with drinking water. We have purified over 115,000 gallons of water for the school since its opening.

Project Steps

  • Install Electricity
  • Correct Cistern Problems – Add Concrete Roof and Liner
  • Construct Pump House
  • Install Filtration and Chlorinator System
  • Install Chlorinator System
  • Train Team
  • Start Pumping Water
  • Help German Non-Profit With Latrine
  • Run Electricity To Principal’s Office
  • Install Lights in One Classroom
  • Setup for Electric Backup with Shared Generator
  • Add 3 Water Jug Fill Stations
  • Construct a Pot and Pan Scrubbing Station
  • Install a Hand Washing Station for Cafeteria


  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Awaiting Funds

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