Because We Have A Dream

Our hope is to start a transformation in Haiti. We want to provide the opportunities and education needed to strengthen the community while showing that it is possible to break out of the cycle of poverty. Through the introduction of technical education, we hope to implement partnerships with companies that will seek the employment of skilled workers in Haiti. Our dream is that Tek4Kids will help transform neighborhoods, that neighborhoods will help transform cities, and that cities will help transform the country.

First Step – School Equipment

Currently, we are mainly working in Jérémie, a city located in the southwest of the country. We hope to develop a model, which can be used to metamorphose even more areas in Haiti in the long run.

The beginning of our model focuses on improving the basic amenities in schools in order to make them more viable. We purify water to minimize illnesses caused by preventable waterborne diseases, which in turn minimizes absenteeism. We build security fences so that the kids can feel safe and the schools are protected from theft. We install electrical systems with generators in the schools to give students a lighted place to do homework when the city electricity is turned off. Overall, we want to create an environment that is conducive to learning.

Second Step – Education

In the last months, we have been setting up computer labs to teach children how to type and use Microsoft Office products like Excel, Word, and Power Point as well as learn the English language.

By receiving this computer training, school graduates will have greater opportunities to find work at local businesses or one of the many non-profits present in Haiti. Most relief organizations that work in Haiti are forced to bring personnel with them because they cannot find educated and trained Haitians for the positions they need to fill. If Haitians are hired, the salaries paid by non-profits would be distributed to the Haitian population instead of abroad.

Third Step – Long Term Goal

In the future, we plan to broaden our educational portfolio to include technical schools. Our goal is to attract businesses that will create local jobs for the Haitian population.

Tek4Kids will invite businesses to collaborate with us on developing programs that customize our education curriculum, enabling our students to move directly into trained positions within these companies. This will provide businesses with a well-educated, relatively economical labor force while providing the citizens of Haiti more employment opportunities. Our plan would create systemic change in Haiti; with higher salaries, the Haitians could afford better education, thereby attracting more businesses that employ highly skilled workers at higher wages.

Previously, educated Haitians have migrated to Port-au-Prince (the capital) or abroad because they could not find well-paying jobs around their hometown. We hope to stop this cycle by striving to attract better employment possibilities to remote areas of Haiti.

Tek4Kids hopes to give a sustainable and independent foundation for long-term development in an effort to lower Haiti’s dependence on subsistence aid.

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