Volunteer Builds Relationships with T4K Staff in Jeremie

Eric Hoffman has been living and working with our Tek4Kids staff in Jeremie, Haiti since September and shares this account of his experience there:

“Initially, the idea of coming to Jeremie to teach English to professionals who were all older than me was a little intimidating. However, as I began to create a schedule with each of them and came to know them personally, it quickly dawned on me that I was graced with students of great intellect and affable character. The bonds that we have formed have grown past a teacher-student relationship and have evolved into that of peers who strive together toward a common goal. Often, lessons become a sort of cultural exchange as I teach them words and phrases in English while they share the same in Creole with me.

On several occasions, I have found myself wondering now I became fortunate enough to work with people who are so intelligent and eager to learn. Classes rarely feel like work because my students and I fill them with laughter, developing running jokes where students banter with each other in the examples they create. Even when they make mistakes, they find the humor in it. For reasons such as these and many more, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with hard-working and enjoyable people such as those who make up the Tek4Kids staff in Jeremie.”

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