Since Haiti has a high child mortality rate related to the lack of safe drinking water, Tek4Kids installs water purification systems to address this need. We use filtration and chlorination systems to purify the water and provide storage reservoirs. Our team monitors the supply of safe water and is prepared for power blackouts, droughts, and natural disasters.

Tek4Kids cooperates with its partner schools to utilize their central function in the community as a distribution point for clean drinking water. In addition to water purification systems, we also install hand washing stations and drinking fountains. Since many schools do not provide facilities for hand washing before meals or after visiting a restroom, this infrastructure protects the school community and inhibits the spread of disease.

The water purification system has had an impact on my academic life because when you are thirsty, you cannot think.


Our Goals:

  • Reduce child mortality, since children are vulnerable to water-borne diseases.
  • Increase school attendance for both students and teachers. Absences dues to water-borne illnesses can be reduced by providing purified drinking water.
  • Inhibit the spread of cholera. Safe drinking water can reduce the constant risk of illness in the community and build trust among those we serve.

Residual Disinfection

centered-horizontal-lineTek4Kids uses chlorination processes to purify 10,000 gallons of water weekly. This provides residual disinfection, meaning the water is safe again minutes after small amounts of contaminants are introduced.

Haitian Expertise

centered-horizontal-line We have expertise and spare parts! Our Haitian team maintains the equipment we install and has access to a well-stocked parts room. Repairs, upgrades, and improvements can be performed routinely.

Disaster Relief

centered-horizontal-line Since droughts and hurricanes can affect the water supply in Jeremie, Tek4Kids built water collection pits. This allows our water purification systems to run steadily and provide clean water throughout the year.

Feedback about Water Purification

When the students and teachers at Tek4Kids' partner schools were asked if their ability to concentrate at school had changed since they started drinking water from the water purification system...

50% said it got a lot better,
12% said it got a little better,
37% said it did not change,
and 1% said it got worse.

When the students at Tek4Kids' partner schools were asked how much their health had improved overall since they started drinking water from the water purification system...

43% said it improved a lot,
16% said it improved a little,
39% said it did not change,
and 2% said it got worse.

Latest Developments

Donation Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Plan the installation of a water purification system with Tek4Kids staff (USA)
  • Assist with the collection of materials for the system (USA)
  • Install the water purification system (Haiti)
  • Provide training on maintaining the system (Haiti)

... and many more opportunities. Your interests are not listed? Just contact us through the volunteer form to find out how you can make an impact with your unique skill set!

Through years of experience, we have developed a decisive vision and effective methods to create lasting impacts in the communities we serve.