Looking Back and Looking Ahead!

Looking Back . . .

Tek4Kids is doing wonderful things in Jeremie, Haiti! We are educating over 2,500 students each week in technology and using technology for an improved educational process. As a result, students can lead more productive, safe and healthy lives, eventually becoming leaders in education, business and government.

2020 was a difficult year world-wide and Tek4Kids did its part to support Jeremie through the pandemic. We distributed 676,000 gallons of free, purified water to residents from six locations. Since the community does not have easy access to clean water for drinking and handwashing, this was essential help as they faced the coronavirus.

Looking Ahead . . .
We are undertaking a major project to provide training and smartboards in more schools. The smartboards and educational content increases teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom and helps students engage with the material through collaboration and interaction.

Our staff member in Haiti, Blondina, describes the experience for students this way: “The children can learn more. Something clicks for them when they are able to see, read and write at the same time. We all know this education method works best.”

To help us continue this important work, visit www.tek4kids.org/donate.

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