Installing electricity at Tek4Kids' partner schools lays the groundwork for the water purification systems, since it is necessary to operate the pumps. The inverter system allows electricity to be stored when city electric is functioning and uses golf cart batteries otherwise. For prolonged outages, a generator is the back-up electricity source.

Other benefits of installing electrical networks at Tek4Kids' partner schools are enhancing the quality of instruction and supporting the schools' administration. Computer labs, wireless networks, and lights are all powered with reliable electricity, improving the students' learning environment and experience. Depending on each school's needs, security can also be enhanced with light bulbs and evening classes can be offered for adult students.

Before Tek4Kids came to Montfort, our electricity was unreliable. Now the kids have lights during meal time so they can see what they are eating and they can do their homework.


Our Goals:

  • Increase the overall quality of education in the community by supporting Tek4Kids partner schools.
  • Help Tek4Kids' partner schools reach their full educational potential by providing reliable electricity and computers for internet access.
  • Provide electricity and water following natural disasters such as hurricanes by using our inverter battery system and on-site generators.

Reliable Electricity

centered-horizontal-lineWith the installation of an electrical inverter system, Tek4Kids provides a reliable means of supporting water purification, computer labs, and administration in each of its partner schools.

Haitian Expertise

centered-horizontal-line Led by team leader, Joseph "Baba" Langder, Tek4Kids staff has the know-how to maintain its electrical and water purification infrastructure and repair malfunctioning equipment on the spot.

Spare Parts

centered-horizontal-line Tek4Kids has well-established contacts in Haiti to ensure the supply of spare parts to maintain its electrical and water purification infrastructure. Supplies can be secured from the U.S. when necessary.

Feedback about Basic School Infrastructure

When the students and teachers at Tek4Kids' partner schools were asked if they had seen the effects of electricity at their school...

84% said yes,
and 16% said no.

Latest Developments

Donation Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assist with installing electricity (Haiti)
  • Develop electrical networks at partner schools (Haiti)
  • Provide training on maintaining inverters and generators (Haiti)
  • Plan and teach security measures (Haiti)
  • Prepare materials for building projects (USA)

... and many more opportunities. Your interests are not listed? Just contact us through the volunteer form to find out how you can make an impact with your unique skill set!

Through years of experience, we have developed a decisive vision and effective methods to create lasting impacts in the communities we serve.