Thank you for considering a generous donation to Tek4Kids! You can rest assured that the money you give will be used in effective ways to help bridge the poverty gap in Haiti. We are committed to the community of Jeremie, Haiti and are improving the lives of children and their families by investing in long-term projects such as water purification systems, school infrastructure and educational technology (such as laptops, iPads and smartboards), as well as our new technology school. We are creating sustainable opportunities that will lead to a brighter future for students and we hope you will join our efforts to transform Haiti!Please use the form below to make your secure online donation. If you would like to offer continuous support, you have the option of making this donation a recurring, monthly gift by clicking on the button to the right. Even more options, such as writing a check, donating stock or participating in the IRA roll-over can be found below the form. You may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Tek4Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, EIN: 45-3956104. Because we are a tax-exempt organization, your donation qualifies as a tax deduction. If you provide your address below, you will receive a statement for tax purposes at year end.

We appreciate your donation!

100% goes to Haiti

All donors have our guarantee that every penny of their donation will go directly to Tek4Kids projects in Jeremie, as all other overhead costs, including legal, administrative and operational costs, as well as administration personnel salaries, are personally covered by the founders.

More Ways to Give

We welcome all donations! To show the value of your donation, check out our donation guide, which allows you to select items and donate the amount associated with them. Please note that the items shown are examples of how donations can be used rather than specific “purchases.” Donors may give the equivalent amount suggested, with the understanding that the donation will be distributed as needed to ensure that our partners get the most effective support.

The IRA Charitable Rollover law allows donors to move up to $100,000 from an IRA directly to a qualified charity such as Tek4Kids without having to pay income taxes on the money. This law applies to those age 70.5 or older. The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction. If you are interested in donating to Tek4Kids through an IRA Charitable Rollover, please consult your financial advisor or contact us.

Persons can donate stock to Tek4Kids through electronic transfer or by mail. If you are interested in making a stock donation, please click here for more details or contact Tek4Kids office manager Laura Desmangles at If you have a specific question, please contact Rick Crabtree at Morgan Stanley, 502-394-4050.

Prefer to write a check? Of course, we welcome such donations! Please send your check made payable to Tek4Kids to our secure post office box address: 301 East Utica Street, Sellersburg, IN 47172. For those who would prefer to drop by our office, we are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Our address is 301 East Utica Street, Sellersburg, IN 47172.

See your donations in action

Your donation will help us continue our efforts to use education and technology to bridge the poverty gap in Haiti. Tek4Kids provides its partner schools with purified water, reliable electricity, laptop computers, iPads, and teachers. Students with problem-solving and computer skills can shape their future and have better employment opportunities, improving life in both their community and beyond.

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