Tek4Kids Welcomes New Staff Member

Tek4Kids gladly welcomes Marichka Milord as our newest staff member in Haiti. Here are her words of introduction:

“I am excited to join Tek4Kids as the organization’s values and mission align with mine. From creating content and managing social media to developing internal and external communication strategies, I will be helping with the success of Tek4Kids’ communication efforts.

I was born in Haiti and left to live in the US before starting my secondary education. There, I received my bachelor’s degree in Communication and Political Science, focusing on media studies, comparative politics, international relations theories and social justice. I went on to pursue a master of arts degree in Film and TV production. After graduating, I briefly moved back to Haiti to work for Habitat for Humanity Haiti, a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable urban development.

Later, I moved to Luxembourg, where I completed a master’s degree in business administration, with concentrations in leadership and management and entrepreneurship. There, I also worked as a communications specialist at the European Stability Mechanism and ArcelorMittal, and then as an Innovation Officer at the House of Startups of Luxembourg. I also have prior experience working for media organizations, the tourism sector and the fashion industry.

My interests include innovative communication and storytelling, social justice, democratic governance, sustainable development, eco-tourism and women’s empowerment. In my spare time, when I am not creating content for my blog and other social media platforms, I serve as a freelance communications specialist, helping clients develop innovative marketing strategies and create engaging/compelling content for their websites and social media. In addition, I am passionate about traveling, as it enables me to put myself in new and intriguing places and activate my brain in new ways through interesting and meaningful conversations with people from different cultures. Also, art continues to be the main outlet for my feelings and creativity. Thus, I am also an amateur at filmmaking, dancing and acting.”

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