Making a Difference in Haiti

Bob Glaser, one of Tek4Kids newest volunteers, recently returned from a trip to Jeremie, Haiti where he experienced a very positive interaction with one of our students. As Bob made the 20 minute walk to our technology school, Beniel Joassaint approached him and introduced himself as one of the new students at St. Francis School of Technology. Beniel was polite and showed genuine interest in Bob and his volunteer work with Tek4Kids. When Bob asked about the new technology school, Beniel could not have been more positive, saying it was the best in Haiti! He said the classes were challenging and appropriate. Beniel also spoke highly of Rose Yunker’s English classes. Bob and his new young friend ended up walking and talking the entire way to the school. Bob later commented on this experience, “If this is an example of the young people we are educating at our school, we should be very proud . . . Jeremie will be better as a result of these students.”

On this same trip, Tek4Kids founder Gary Boice heard several other remarks about the positive impact of Tek4Kids in Jeremie. Some parents have placed students in schools where they know Tek4Kids is present with iPads and laptops. Another parent asked who was responsible for the water purification at a school and when she learned it was Tek4Kids, she commented that it could be trusted as clean water. Our work is becoming known in Jeremie and beyond!

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