IT Expert Shares Knowledge with SFST Students

Gary Boice, Michael Boice, Maryse King, William Philippe and Lindsay Anderson made many important connections with technology experts and entrepreneurs at this year’s Haiti Tech Summit, one of whom is Adib Khozouee. Adib was born in Haiti and his family has been involved in successful businesses in both Haiti and the US.

After visiting technology companies with Adib in Colorado last summer, Gary invited him to tour our Tek4Kids organization in Jeremie, Haiti. They spent time in one of our partner schools, St. Louis High School, and with our St. Francis School of Technology (SFST) students. Knowing the students could benefit from Adib’s knowledge and experience in the IT field, Gary asked him to teach a class at SFST. Adib met with 7 groups of students through the course of one day to demonstrate how the Internet of Things works.

Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting any device to the Internet for control and information gathering. This could include things such as cellphones, lamps, refrigerators and sensors for security and improving operations. Analyst firm Gartner has estimated that over 26 billion devices will be connected in this way by the year 2020.

For his demonstration, Adib custom-wired a basic “breadboard” to connect a thermostat, lights and a fan to the Internet, controlled by his phone, which could be located anywhere in the world. The students were amazed and intrigued with this technology. Throughout Adib’s presentation, they moved closer to him as they tried to absorb this new knowledge and fully understand it. Some students attended the session more than once to ask follow up questions and learn more. We appreciate Adib’s willingness to share his expertise with our SFST students!

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