Tek4Kids Maintenance Team Forges Ahead!

With more than 20 years of work experience with Tek4Kids between them, our maintenance crew continues to develop and make important contributions to the organization. Jean Joseph Langder (Baba) leads the team and has been with Tek4Kids since 2011. Max Chaurant also joined the team in 2011, with Francklyn Etienne following soon after in 2012. The newest team member is Jean Pierre Celebien, who began as our custodian with St. Francis School of Technology (SFST) in 2015.

The maintenance team has a variety of responsibilities, including monitoring the water purification and electrical systems in our 7 partner schools. This involves the distribution of thousands of gallons of purified water each day and maintaining the electrical systems with more than 200 batteries and 13 inverters. In addition, they have begun installing solar panels at SFST. With the new building that houses SFST, they have taken on additional work, including classroom setup and maintenance. They set up projectors and screens, wire student tables for laptops and set up cameras and network equipment. They will also be monitoring and maintaining the solar panels as well as the electrical and plumbing systems in our new space.

Gary Boice, founder of Tek4Kids, recently commented: “The maintenance team has come through for us and has stepped up to the challenge of our new building. I appreciate all their hard work in making everything work and function smoothly every day.”

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