A Life-Saving Gift

Haiti National Director Maryse King recently visited with Sister Raymond, director of the Centre de Montfort, to learn more about the impact of Tek4Kids on the children who live there. Sister Raymond explained that before Tek4Kids came to Montfort, supplying water for the orphanage was a logistical nightmare, due to its location on a steep hillside. Sr. Raymond affirmed that Tek4Kids has truly given them a life-saving gift: a sustainable, potable water system.

In addition, Sr. Raymond commented on the electrical system Tek4Kids provided. Before Tek4Kids installed this system, they had to rely on municipal electricity, which was sparse at best. Now the children have light during meal times and can do on homework in the evenings.

Sr. Raymond has many dreams for helping the children of Montfort flourish and deeply appreciates Tek4Kids for keeping their lights on and supplying purified water!

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