Preparing for the Covid-19 Pandemic in Haiti

Along with partners around the globe, Tek4Kids observed World Water Day on March 22nd amidst the growing covid-19 pandemic. The day highlights the importance of fresh, clean water and is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Tek4Kids is keenly aware of the importance of clean water during the current crisis. One … Continue reading Preparing for the Covid-19 Pandemic in Haiti

Working with Tek4Kids in Haiti

“I have worked in Haiti since 2014 and joined the staff of Tek4Kids in February of this year as a project manager. I have known Gary Boice for many years and loved hearing stories about what he has been doing in Jeremie, Haiti and the difference Tek4Kids is making here. I am honored and excited … Continue reading Working with Tek4Kids in Haiti

A Life-Saving Gift

Haiti National Director Maryse King recently visited with Sister Raymond, director of the Centre de Montfort, to learn more about the impact of Tek4Kids on the children who live there. Sister Raymond explained that before Tek4Kids came to Montfort, supplying water for the orphanage was a logistical nightmare, due to its location on a steep … Continue reading A Life-Saving Gift

Great Things Are Happening at St. Francis School of Technology

St. Francis School of Technology first opened it doors to 24 students in September of 2015. The school is currently located on the second floor of St. John Bosco, a partner school for which Tek4Kids provides clean water, electricity and computers. As a three-year program, the technology school offers its students different tracks of study in … Continue reading Great Things Are Happening at St. Francis School of Technology

Electricity Is an Essential Foundation for Success at St. John Bosco

In Haiti, electricity is only available for a few hours each day. Tek4Kids has built the necessary infrastructure to provide a reliable source of electricity for St. John Bosco, improving the learning environment for both students and teachers. Reliable electricity helps students achieve academic success. In 2013, eight batteries were installed to operate the water … Continue reading Electricity Is an Essential Foundation for Success at St. John Bosco

Electricity Is Key to Water Systems at Montfort School

Electricity is part of the infrastructure Tek4Kids provides in our partner schools. Reliable electricity is essential in order to provide a functioning water purification system. Providing the necessary infrastructure at Montfort School posed a challenge since is located quite a distance from our other partner schools and is difficult to reach due to steep, rough roads.

Electricity Powers Water Purification at Brother Paulin School

Electricity was installed in 2012 at Brother Paulin, clearing the way for Tek4Kids to install a water purification system for the students. Tek4Kids installed eight batteries to power the water system, which pumps 1000 gallons of city water each week through the cistern and increases the pressure used to push the water through the cistern.

Lights Are on at St. Louis Elementary

Tek4Kids installed electricity at St. Louis Elementary in 2014. Since installed it has provided reliable electricity that helps to improve the quality of the schools as well as the daily life of the students and teachers in their learning environments. Since having the electricity the school has improved their functionality and the students have better … Continue reading Lights Are on at St. Louis Elementary