A Life-Saving Gift

Haiti National Director Maryse King recently visited with Sister Raymond, director of the Centre de Montfort, to learn more about the impact of Tek4Kids on the children who live there. Sister Raymond explained that before Tek4Kids came to Montfort, supplying water for the orphanage was a logistical nightmare, due to its location on a steep … Continue reading A Life-Saving Gift

Electricity Is Key to Water Systems at Montfort School

Electricity is part of the infrastructure Tek4Kids provides in our partner schools. Reliable electricity is essential in order to provide a functioning water purification system. Providing the necessary infrastructure at Montfort School posed a challenge since is located quite a distance from our other partner schools and is difficult to reach due to steep, rough roads.

Water Purification System Installed at Montfort School

In 2014, four distribution tanks, three treatment tanks and three water jug fill stations were installed at Montfort School and orphanage providing clean water for more than 189 students in grades one through six as well as three preschool grades. In 2015, drinking fountains were added for the students to use throughout the day as well making … Continue reading Water Purification System Installed at Montfort School