Gary Boice

Gary is the Founder of Tek4Kids and Board President. He is active in the day to day operations of Tek4Kids and travels to Haiti frequently throughout the year to work on current projects. His broad expertise in the areas of technology, electricity, mechanics, and plumbing have been an invaluable resource to Tek4Kids. Gary’s career spanned over 30 years as a consultant for an international computer firm; in retirement, he developed an international IT company. Gary’s vision for Tek4Kids is to “improve the daily lives of the students in Jeremie, Haiti, by partnering with existing schools and providing clean water and state of the art education in technology. Through our advanced technology school, we hope to empower people of Haiti toward a more prosperous future.”

Cathy Boice

Cathy is the Vice President of the Board of Directors for Tek4Kids. She plays an active role in the areas of outreach and coordination of volunteer projects. Cathy's professional background includes working as a supervisor and trainer in the medical field for 25 years, and later on as an office manager for a growing technology company in the community. She has also volunteered with a school for the deaf in Costa Rica and as assistant Boy Scout leader. Cathy is inspired by working with the children in Haiti and helping them reach their potential.

Keith Grieshaber

Keith is a graduate of the University of Louisville and has worked in the Information Systems field for 25 years, working for corporations such as General Electric, IBM, and Humana. During his career, he has covered a wide range of topics from technical implementation, design and troubleshooting, to network operations management and executive leadership. His personal motivation in volunteering with Tek4Kids is “to help bring a better quality of life to the Haitian people.” Keith currently serves as the Treasurer of the Board for Tek4Kids.

Joseph Desrochers

Joseph is a professional journeyman and cabinet-maker by trade. “Now that I am a semi-retired business owner, I have decided to do what makes me feel great… Giving! Haiti is the perfect place. My skills in the construction trade are very much needed and appreciated there. I love being a part of Tek4Kids because the wireless world contains no borders. A student in Haiti with a computer and the internet can compete in a global marketplace. Tek4Kids gives students skills, tools, and most importantly: Hope.”