Brother Paulin School

Founded in 1877 by a Catholic Order, Brother Paulin School is one of Jeremie's oldest schools and located downtown. It currently enrolls 400 students in preschool through eighth grade. Many families who send their children to Brother Paulin struggle with poverty and receive tuition assistance from the school. As a result, the school needs sustainable support to provide a healthy and productive learning environment for its students.

Upon hearing about the successful water purification system Tek4Kids installed at St. Therese Montessori, Brother Paulin's headmaster asked for assistance and a new partnership was born. In addition to clean water, Tek4Kids provides reliable electricity, computer classes and a computer lab for these students. On a recent visit, Tek4Kids founder Gary Boice and volunteer Mike Seibert enjoyed jumping rope with them!

Thanks to Tek4Kids, we have been blessed with a water purification system and instances of typhoid have decreased since introducing clean drinking water.


News from Brother Paulin School

Projects at Brother Paulin School

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  • 2 classes per week
  • Subjects taught: Typing and Microsoft Word
  • preschool through grade 8
  • 1 computer classroom
  • 20 laptops located in school




  • 17 classes per week
  • Subjects taught: Introduction to iPads, French, Biology, Experimental Science and Environmental Education
  • preschool through grade 8
  • 1 computer classroom
  • 12 carried to school




  • 1000 gallons purified per week
  • 2 storage and 2 treatment tanks (500 gallons each)
  • Additional features: built 1,000 gallon cistern to collect city water; added 6 water jug fill stations

Basic School



  • 12 batteries
  • Electricity features: one inverter and electricity installed to principal's office
  • Security features: metal security box, metal doors and windows added

Feedback from Brother Paulin School

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The data were collected through surveys and reflect translations of the original French evaluations.

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