St. Louis High School

St. Louis High School continues to lead the way as Tek4Kids' flagship partner school, utilizing the latest computer technology. In addition to two computer classrooms, Tek4Kids has also introduced iPads to supplement Math, English, and Biology classes.

Tek4Kids also provides a computer lab for teachers. With internet access, teachers have improved possibilities for learning and the community receives the benefits.

Headmaster Fr. Ernest and principal Fr. Luxo attended Tek4Kids' Summer Session in 2015, where they enjoyed learning with professors from Bellarmine University. They have implemented many of the techniques they learned and report great success!

Computers, internet, iPads: new assets for furnishing young people's minds . . . thanks to technology, new horizons are now opened for St. Louis High School students.


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Projects at St. Louis High School

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  • 2 classes per week
  • Subjects taught: Various
  • Grades 7 through 12
  • 2 computer classrooms (plus library access)
  • 58 laptops located in school




  • 23 classes per week
  • Subjects taught: Introduction to iPads, Math, Biology, Environmental Education, Experimental Science, French and English
  • Grades 7 through 12
  • 36 iPads located in school




  • 2500 gallons purified per week
  • 3 storage and 3 treatment tanks (500 gallons each)
  • Additional features: Drinking fountains and hand washing stations installed

Basic School



  • 60 batteries
  • Electricity features: Electricity to principal's office, fiberoptics installed
  • Security features: 2 metal security boxes and metals doors and windows installed

Feedback from St. Louis High School

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The data were collected through surveys and reflect translations of the original French evaluations.

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