Tek4Kids is excited to welcome any individual or organization who is interested in working to create change and to help build a better future for the people of Haiti by becoming an Ambassador Sponsor.

Our Ambassador Sponsorship Program matches schools lacking basic resources in Jeremie, Haiti directly with people in the U.S. who are committed to helping them. Ambassador Sponsors personally choose a school and decide what programs to fund: water and electricity and/or education and technology. Our Program is much more than a sponsorship; it is a highly personal experience that is educational and inspirational for everyone involved.

Become an Ambassador and let this be your opportunity to get to know another culture and work directly where your help is needed the most. To learn and experience the Ambassador Program first hand, join us on one of our many trips to Jeremie where you can see up close the impact which clean water and technology can have on the students and community. Tek4Kids has many unique opportunities available and we look forward to exploring these with you and finding what’s the best fit for your talents. Partner with us today to make a difference in the community of Jeremie, Haiti!

"I loved it there. Haiti stole my heart and still has it! I can’t wait to return and see the kids’ smiling faces again."


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What an Ambassador Sponsorship might look like…

To illustrate how your relationship with a Haitian school could unfold, we provide a sample process below. With each ambassador, though, we develop a unique approach tailored to their preferences.


1. You contacted us, great to hear from you! After you get in touch with us, we will happily sit down with you to discuss the possibilities of getting involved with a school in Haiti.

2. To choose a partner school, you can either pick from a portfolio of schools we provide you with or travel to Haiti with us and get to know different schools on personal excursions through the city.

3. Now you are ready for the next step! You may begin with planning a water purification system or implementing an iPad program at your partner school, whichever area you are most interested in.

4. Get your people on board in a fundraising effort! It's always a memorable moment when you introduce your new partner school to your fellow parishioners or the school community - you could host information events, organize penny drives, or set up a flea market. Get everybody together to make a difference in the lives of Haitian students.

5. Now the most exciting part starts - it is time to start on the ground! At your own pace, you can begin building the facilities or rolling out the programs you designed. We will be there with you along the way; helping you with blueprints if needed, share our supply chains with you, and help your projects roll smoothly even if road bumps appear.

6. If you want, you can visit your partner school. Jump in to help with the construction or provide training for the teachers. There is something for everybody who wants to join, from painting walls to helping out in the school kitchen.

7. Over time, you can start more projects or get involved in other areas, all to your liking and in the scope you chose. Throughout all of this, we provide maintenance services and a fast emergency response to ensure that your projects will be successful.

Curious? Let us know are interested in learning what you, or a group you are involved with, can do for students in Haiti!