Changing One Life at a Time by Cheryl Seger

“It’s hard to change an infrastructure but changing one life at a time is possible. I saw many lives being affected through the efforts of Tek4Kids. The water systems, electricity and technical tools have and will continue to help the education system. I was privileged to work with Tek4Kids Haitian staff members, who were ambitious and willing to learn. They were very proud of their work. It warms my heart to know those small kids have purified water and a great way of learning. The kids seemed so happy. It was a “downer” when it was time to leave because it seemed like we just got started and I wanted to continue. The relationships we built during this trip will remain in my heart, from the parish group of nine to the Tek4Kids Haitian staff. This was an experience I will always treasure.” — volunteer Cheryl Seger, who traveled with a group from her parish in Southern Indiana to serve with Tek4Kids in Jeremie, Haiti

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