Tek4Kids Responds to the Coronavirus Pandemic in Haiti

An update from Dustin Klink, Tek4Kids project manager in Jeremie, Haiti:

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world on so many different levels. We have no idea what the ultimate impact will be in Haiti, but we believe clean water will help reduce the risk to many people. The Tek4Kids water distribution project is going to save lives here in this community and help flatten the curve in Haiti.

Since school is not in session, we are utilizing Tek4Kids’ six partner school water purification systems located in Jeremie as distribution points where people can come for purified water. Most people in the community do not have access to clean water for drinking and handwashing and Tek4Kids has stepped up to provide this resource at no cost to residents. We also provide diesel fuel to run our generators to produce the clean water.

I had the opportunity to lead a great team of 32 Tek4Kids staff members to implement this life-saving effort. Without their continuing hard work, this project would not be possible.

Getting ready to distribute clean water to the community took many steps and a coordinated effort to get everything in place. Many calculations were done to insure the locations were prepared, enough water was in place, water trucks were arranged to refill them and delivery stations were set up. We have teams of four at each location, plus one team purifying water and one management team. Each location is unique and attracts different numbers of people.

At each of our distribution sites, we are following the Haitian government’s COVID-19 mandates: we cannot have more than ten people inside the gates at any time and we must maintain distance between each person in line.

I’m proud of our team and grateful to have had the opportunity to coordinate this project to serve our community. It was a privilege to lead an awesome group of people who brought different skill sets together to achieve our goal of providing clean water to the community of Jeremie to help promote better health practices during the pandemic.

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