Tek4Kids Distributes 676,000 Gallons of Clean Water in Pandemic Response Efforts

An update from Gary Boice, Tek4Kids Founder:

Tek4Kids responded to the coronavirus pandemic in Haiti by providing purified water to the residents of Jérémie, Haiti at no cost. Tek4Kids redirected 32 staff members and provided 676,000 gallons of purified water from 6 locations around Jérémie the first of 2020.

Because school is not in session, we are utilizing Tek4Kids’ six partner school water purification systems located in Jeremie as distribution points where people can come for purified water. Most people in the community do not have access to clean water for drinking and hand-washing, so this is an essential step in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition to the important work Tek4Kids is doing, we have partnered with several other groups in the community to extend our reach. Hopestart International is working to provide 5000 sanitation stations (buckets with spigots and other handwashing necessities) to the community. You can find out more here: https://bit.ly/STOPTHESPREAD

Tek4Kids has teams of four at each partner school location, plus one team purifying water and one management team, for a total of 32 Tek4Kids staff members working on this project. They purify and distribute the water six days per week.

Our goal in all these efforts with purified water is to minimize the threat of the coronavirus to the people of Jeremie in hopes they can weather this storm as they have so often in the past.

Tek4Kids staff in Haiti produced this video highlighting our efforts.

If you’d like to help Tek4Kids continue its efforts in responding to the pandemic in Haiti, please click here: www.tek4kids.org/donate/. Thank you!!

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