Cathedral of the Assumption


The Cathedral of the Assumption looks back to a long history of faith formation in Louisville, Kentucky. Dedicated in 1852, it is the mother church of the diocese and plays an active role in the faith landscape of downtown Louisville as well as Southern Indiana.

With Father Jeffery S. Nicolas as pastor, the Cathedral of the Assumption builds on a broad outreach to religious and civic communities in Louisville. It serves 3,000 registered parishioners and is home to various social justice programs, such as a daily homeless lunch, and a Parish Twinning Partnership with the Cathédrale St. Louis in Jérémie.

Since 2000, the Cathedral of the Assumption supported its sister parish with church pews, lunch for the students at St. Therese Montessori School, school supplies and electrical infrastructure as well as many other projects.

The Cathedral of the Assumption and Tek4Kids connects a long and close partnership. Through volunteers, which are belonging to the Cathedral as well as joining Tek4Kids’ trips, the cooperation on projects is tightly interwoven and therefore very successful. We are cooperating on various aspects at St. Therese Montessori School, the water purification system being one of them.

View the touching photos of the Water Purification Opening Ceremony at St. Therese in one of our posts.

Read more about the Cathedral of the Assumption on their website.

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