New Life International

New Life International is a nonprofit organization which was founded by a family that was experiencing the health risks caused by contaminated water first hand in Ecuador.

It is based in Underwood, Indiana and was incorporated in 1998. The organization has developed a simple but effective water purifier to help provide safe drinking water around the world. It uses table salt and a battery to create chlorine, which is used to disinfect water in order to make it safe to drink.

Purifiers have been implemented in 78 countries around the world. New Life International is also offering training and hands-on experience in the water purification sector.

New Life International has offered various training programs to Tek4Kids members. We learned about optimization of water purification, and they have been helpful with questions regarding technical obstacles encountered in Haiti. Tek4Kids also purchased water purifiers and parts for our projects. Tek4Kids is excited to be working with such a great organization.

Click here to visit New Life International’s website.

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