A Close Encounter

On a hot, steamy day in May, Tek4Kids founder Gary Boice prepared to board a plane from Port au Prince, Haiti back to the US. As many of you know, a new Tek4Kids technology school was scheduled to open in September. On Gary’s trip back from Haiti, the goal of finding a new generator for the technology school was weighing heavily on his mind, since buying major equipment can be quite difficult in Haiti. Generators are essential components of all our Tek4Kids projects because electric power is often unreliable.

As Gary approached the gate for boarding, he kept having the feeling that he should upgrade to first class, something he seldom does. He followed his instincts and soon settled into his comfortable seat, turning to meet the person seated next to him. They struck up a nice conversation about why they were traveling and it was not long before Gary realized he was sitting next to Mr. Kevin Keyes, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing over North and South America for Kubota Engine America Corporation. After more conversation about Tek4kids and its work with children in Haiti, Mr. Keyes generously offered to donate the exact generator Gary had planned to purchase. Clearly, these two were destined to sit next to each other that day!

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