Tek4Kids began its iPad program in 2014 to teach critical thinking skills through interactive learning techniques, allowing students to have access to the vast resources available through educational applications ranging from 3D underwater worlds to speech recognition software. iPads are ideal tools for sharing content, videos, images, and presentations.

iPads have also proven to be a cost effective option as vehicles for content when compared with books. The iPad team now includes four teachers who travel between partner schools, allowing maximum benefit from more than 200 iPads located in Jeremie. iPads are easy to use, visually compelling and portable, perfect for sharing among schools. A large majority of students surveyed indicated that iPads have improved their learning skills.

Learning with iPads is different because I understand better and learn much faster. I can learn while having fun.


Our Goals:

  • Use iPads to foster critical thinking in a new generation of students.
  • By enlarging the horizons of students, open them to new ideas and perspectives resulting in societal change.
  • Increase students' understanding of topics such as biology, which could ultimately help prevent the spread of disease in Haiti.

A New Way to Learn

centered-horizontal-lineTek4Kids implemented an iPad program in 2014 because of its enormous educational potential. Most Haitians would not have access to its applications and information otherwise.

Haitian Teachers

centered-horizontal-line Tek4Kids' traveling iPad team is responsible for instructing partner school students in classes such as Math, English, and Biology, using iPads to improve their learning experience.

A Cost Effective Tool

centered-horizontal-line In comparison with shipping books, iPads have been shown to be a more cost effective method for delivering content in all subjects. Our partner schools benefit from those savings!

Feedback about Traveling iPads

When the students and teachers at Tek4Kids' partner schools were asked if they thought using iBooks on iPads helped them learn more...

60% said it helped a lot,
17% said it helped somewhat,
21% said it helped a little bit,
and 2% said it did not help.

When the students and teachers at Tek4Kids' partner schools were asked if playing educational games on iPads helped them learn more...

59% said it helped a lot,
5% said it helped somewhat,
29% said it helped a little bit,
and 7% said it did not help.

Latest Developments

Donation Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assist with developing teaching content for iPads (USA)
  • Develop iPad training program for teachers (USA)
  • Identify creative ways to use iPads in the classroom (Haiti)
  • Research educational applications (Haiti)

... and many more opportunities. Your interests are not listed? Just contact us through the volunteer form to find out how you can make an impact with your unique skill set!

Through years of experience, we have developed a decisive vision and effective methods to create lasting impacts in the communities we serve.