Preparing for the Covid-19 Pandemic in Haiti

Along with partners around the globe, Tek4Kids observed World Water Day on March 22nd amidst the growing covid-19 pandemic. The day highlights the importance of fresh, clean water and is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Tek4Kids is keenly aware of the importance of clean water during the current crisis. One of the primary ways to combat the spread of the virus is handwashing and not touching our faces with unwashed hands. But what about those with no access to purified water to wash their hands? What if there is no clean water to drink or to use for bathing? Certainly, Haiti’s population is more vulnerable and more likely to contract the virus and spread it without access to clean water.

Recognizing the importance of distributing clean water in Jeremie, Haiti during the pandemic, Tek4Kids founder Gary Boice and his son, Michael, helped prepare for the crisis by setting up six water purification distribution centers that will provide purified water to many thousands of Jeremie residents. They hope this will significantly slow the spread of the virus. Having distributed thousands of gallons of clean water following Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Tek4Kids is well prepared to assist in this emergency.

Tek4Kids has been in Jeremie since 2011 and works with more than 2,000 students in our partner schools by supporting them with purified water and education via laptops, iPads and smartboards. Tek4Kids also opened a three year technical school (St. Francis School of Technology) in 2015. Due to the pandemic, the government has closed schools nationwide, so Tek4Kids is now setting up its facilities to provide water to the Jeremie community. We currently have nearly 100,000 gallons of clean water ready to go and can purify 15,000-20,000 gallons per day afterwards (as long as water trucks are operating).

The covid-19 virus has not yet come to Jeremie. Tek4Kids has been working with other organizations such as the Haitian Health Foundation to provide training and information to the community before the virus arrives. For more information about our work in Jeremie, Haiti and to donate to Tek4Kids, visit our website at

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