iPad Program Is a Success at St. Louis Elementary School

Tek4Kids launched the iPad Initiative Program in the fall of 2014, providing St. Louis High School with more than 36 iPads. The elementary students from St. Louis Elementary School travel to the High School once a week to do their studies on the iPads. With the many educational applications, the iPads help the students problem solve and develop fun new ways of learning by providing different applications from 3D Underwater Worlds all the way up to speech recognition software.

The iPads have helped students engage in learning by enabling them to hear the correct pronunciations during their language studies class and we are now able to teach even beyond Haiti’s required standardized tests by creating our own course lessons for the students. We have now integrated the iPads into everyday learning classes as well as allowing our teachers to create lesson plans using the iBooks application. Tek4Kids has two iPad teachers who travel amongst our partner schools to allow the maximum benefit of the almost 200 iPads we currently have in Jeremie. The iPads are light weight and portable, making them accessible to hundreds of students at the different schools.

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