Computer Classes Improve Education at St. Louis High School

St. Louis High School students are enjoying the educational benefits of Tek4Kids computer classes, which were added in 2012. In a survey completed in 2015, a large majority of students and teachers believed that the skills taught in the computer classes would make it easier for students to find careers in the future. Computer classes provide students with the opportunity to become proficient in English, typing and Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel.

In addition to computer classes for students, Tek4Kids offers evening classes for teachers and other adults in the community. These classes cover such topics as using a computer, typing and using Microsoft Office products. By participating in these classes, teachers learn to create materials and lesson plans for their classes online, which in turn benefits their students.

Fr. Ernest, headmaster at St. Louis High School, recently commented that the partnership with Tek4Kids to improve its education program has helped St. Louis High School raise its profile to be among the top 10 schools in Haiti!

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