Tek4Kids iPad Initiative

This fall, we will launch the Tek4Kids iPad Initiative. Countless education apps designed for the iPad solve specific problems faced by schools in Haiti. Textbooks, which are costly and frequently unavailable in the traditional paper format, can be loaded on the iPad electronically. iPads enable students to hear the correct pronunciation of words during language studies. We are able to teach beyond Haiti’s required standardized tests by creating our own course lessons with the iAuthor application.

Children need very little instruction to begin using the iPads. We have hired teachers to travel with iPad Minis to each of our elementary schools on different days of the week.

We will be able to show them the process of the earth rotating around the sun, what bacteria is, how fire works and much more. Most of the Haitian children have never had the chance to see any of these phenomena. The iPad is a transportation vehicle to give access to a giant number of possibilities to learn, much less cost intensive than buying and shipping books, chemistry lab accessories, globes, and all the other equipment used in schools in the US.

The iPad is transforming education in the U.S. (adopted this year by many schools in the Louisville area) and we are excited to present this new way of learning to our schools in Haiti.

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