Clean Water Is a Stepping Stone to Success at St. John Bosco

Before Tek4Kids installed the water purification system, most families relied on rivers and pumps for their drinking water. Less than 8% of families in Haiti have access to clean drinking water and there are no sanitation programs to handle the sewage or trash in Haiti, which inevitably washes down into the waterways causing waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Tek4Kids uses filtration and chlorination systems to purify the water, providing storage reservoirs, water spigots, and all of the required plumbing. We use chlorine because not only is it the most cost-effective way to purify water but it also disinfects the container in which the water resides.

By providing this clean water to students and their families, we have raised the attendance rate at school by decreasing waterborne diseases, which also allows students to concentrate better in their classrooms. Our trained maintenance staff in Haiti ensures a constant and closely monitored supply of safe drinking water to the schools, which are prepared for city power outages and droughts.

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