iPad Initiative Launched Successfully

Tek4Kids has launched our iPad Initiative this fall with great results! With many education applications, the iPads help solve specific problems faced by our partner schools in Haiti. They help engage students by enabling them to hear correct pronunciations during language studies and we are able to teach even beyond Haiti’s required standardized tests by creating our own course lessons.

As expected, the children have needed very little instruction to begin using the iPads. We have optimized the number of children benefitting from this initiative by sending iPads to each of our elementary schools on different days of the week. We have also been able to utilize the iPads in a biology course at St. Louis High School.

Our strategy is working well: integrating the iPads in everyday classes, training teachers to complete lessons using iBooks and having teachers travel between the schools in Jeremie with the iPads.

Laura Desmangles is effectively coordinating this initiative for Tek4Kids and reports that she has trained more than 60 teachers and distributed 62 iPads! Ten are in use at St. John Bosco, 16 at Brother Paulin School and 36 at St. Louis High School. We are grateful for this success and look forward to seeing good results from this effort for years to come!

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