Progress in Jeremie, Haiti

Here’s an update about our work in Jeremie! We are glad to report that Don Kavanaugh prepared a network and three laptops and our team prepared a secure room that is open to all the teachers and staff at Saint Louis High School. This allows the teachers to have internet access, resulting in better class preparation and the expansion and sharing of knowledge.

The picture accompanying this article shows the new computer room and the metal gate installed for security purposes. The room has not been decorated yet, but in the spring of 2015, we plan to add four iPads and a table. Behind the concrete wall to the left is our inverter/battery room, which houses 48 golf cart batteries and three inverters. These provide power for our two classrooms and the principal’s office, since the city electric is not dependable.

Te4Kids is now providing purified water to six schools, positively affecting nearly 2,000 students! In addition to 120 laptops and 70 iPads for the students, we teach adult computer classes to any teacher in Jeremie at not cost to them. We are currently looking for organizations, schools or individuals who are willing to fund such initiatives in additional schools. This support could be directed specifically to water, electricity or education. Every donated dollar goes directly to that project!

Our founders, Gary and Cathy Boice, send their best wishes to all for a happy holiday season!

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