Thanks for Supporting Tek4Kids!

Thank you so much for your caring and generous support of T4K during the past year. With your help, we continue to build upon our programs and projects which impact the lives of more than 2,000 students in the community of Jeremie, Haiti. Through the use of iPads and laptops, we utilize hundreds of educational applications, iBooks, university lectures and other content specifically customized for the Haitian education system. Water purification and reliable electricity continue to be the cornerstones of our projects, helping to improve the quality of life for students and teachers in their learning environment.

We are excited to announce we will be breaking ground in early 2018 on a new building that will house our St. Francis School of Technology, which offers an intensive three-year program with tracks of study in programming, database design, Microsoft server training and network design and management. Our technology school will be an outstanding place of learning, training and job development in the Information Technology field for years to come.

In 2018, these Tek4Kids projects will move forward:
• Build a new free-standing technology school which will include six classrooms, two labs, office space and a cyber café for students.
• Increase the capacity of water purification systems at two partner schools and build a new water system for the technology school.
• Engage guest lecturers from the US to provide advanced technical material and training.
• Initiate training for teachers in our partner schools on using technology effectively in the education process.

Your generous support has been integral to our success. Please consider giving to Tek4Kids as you plan your charitable donations for the end of 2017. Your donation is critical to our mission, with 100% of your donation going directly to our projects in Jeremie, Haiti. By making a gift to Tek4Kids, you will help students reach their goals for a brighter future!

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