Construction is Underway . . . Watch Us Grow!

We have exciting news to share! Tek4Kids is in the process of building a new free-standing technology school which will house six classrooms, two labs, office space and a cyber cafe for students. Since its inception in 2015, St. Francis School of Technology (SFST) has functioned in leased space, but our new building will be permanently ours! SFST is a secondary education school offering an intensive three-year program with tracks of study in programming, database design, Microsoft server training and network design and management. The curriculum focuses on preparing students for specific jobs in the IT field, as well as guiding them in starting their own businesses.

Our plans for 2018 include:

• Moving SFST into its new free-standing building (6 classrooms, 2 labs, cyber cafe, and offices) with improved internet performance and
power availability
• Graduating SFST’s first class
• Creating jobs in our new business incubation center
• Introducing smart boards to classrooms
• Assisting our SFST graduates with job placement
• Starting a business that focuses on creating jobs in Haiti and possibilities for our SFST graduates
• Initiating an effort to promote Jeremie and Grande Anse by partnering with other NGOs

Your generous donations will be used to support our new school in the following ways:

• Construction of the building: classrooms, offices, restrooms, cyber cafe, labs, paint and tile
• Electrical: batteries, lighting, generator
• Purified water: water system
• Equipment/Technology: student desks, chairs, fans, printers, projectors, smart boards, security

Join our efforts to empower students with the education and tools they need to create a brighter future in Haiti!

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