St. Louis High School


St. Louis High School (SLH) is one of the most reputable High Schools in the Jeremie area. It provides secondary education to about 400 students between the age of 10 and 19. The director and several teachers approached us requesting assistance with the development of their school.


Along with the installation of a new water purification system and electricity for the school, we have also been implementing computer labs in the High School. Three teachers are currently providing basic computer education to the students. The curriculum focuses on typing, Microsoft Word and Excel with further subjects following in the next semesters. We are all very happy about the enthusiasm we encounter with the computer classes among the students.

Project Steps

  • Install Electricity
  • Prepare 1st PC Lab room (paint, table & chairs, projector mount, network connections, teacher’s station, security for laptops)
  • Run Electricity to Principal's Office
  • Construct 8,000 gallon Cistern and Pump House
  • Prepare 2nd PC Lab room
  • Install 24 PCs in 1st PC Lab
  • Install Satellite and Internet
  • Install 24 PCs in 2nd Lab
  • Install PC Projector for Classroom Instruction in 1st PC Lab, 2nd PC Lab and Library
  • Install Filtrationand Chlorinator System
  • Train Water Purification Team
  • Start Pumping Water (Goal of March 2013)
  • Setup for Electric Backup with Shared Generator
  • Add 5 Water Jug Fill Stations and remodel the Kitchen/Cafeteria Building
  • Install a Hand Washing Station for Cafeteria
  • Assist with Security Walls


  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Awaiting Funds

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