Big Steps Made on the Last Trip to St. Louis High School

Tek4Kids recently sent a team to Haiti for fifteen days to work on our latest projects at St. Louis High School in Jeremie. In addition to the computer education program that we are offering at St. Louis High School, we also wanted to help the school and its students by providing electric power and clean … Continue reading Big Steps Made on the Last Trip to St. Louis High School

Post-Colonial Times

After defeating and expelling the colonial powers, the slave descendants had yet another battle to be fought. Due to the class differentiation created by the white French colonists fathering children with their African slaves; and, despite the unifying factor of their oppression by the colonists, the single country of Haiti divided into two separate states. … Continue reading Post-Colonial Times

Haitian Independence

Inspired by the equality-based ideals of the French Revolution learned through colonial education, nearly 500,000 slaves revolted. Under the leadership of Toussaint L’Overture, the Haitian slaves fought and defeated the French Colonialists. Declaring independence in 1804, Haiti became not only the first colonialized country in which slaves won their freedom, but also the first independent … Continue reading Haitian Independence