Haitians’ Daily Struggles and Backgrounds

Haiti’s economy is faced with many problems, such as access to reliable electricity and running water. Many streets in Haiti are not paved or in poor condition due to earthquakes or landslides. It often takes hours to travel short distances and mountain villages are usually completely cut off from traffic. Providing needed electricity for businesses … Continue reading Haitians’ Daily Struggles and Backgrounds

Radio Interview with Tek4Kids’ Founder Gary Boice

Recently, Deb Shoss at CKRE (Central Kentucky Radio Eye) sat down to interview Gary Boice for their Conversations Series: Celebrity Edition. Gary discusses what inspired him and his wife to start their own nonprofit, Tek4Kids, what working in Haiti is really like, and why providing access to technology is so important in educating Haiti’s children.

Demographics in Haiti

The total population in Haiti is estimated at 9,801,664 people (July 2012), which is slightly more than metropolitan Chicago. More than a third of the Haitian population is 14 years old or younger. If the birth rate stays at a comparable level, providing for the rapidly growing population will impose a huge challenge to Haiti. … Continue reading Demographics in Haiti