News from Jeremie: Manifestations Throughout the City

Since 2009, there have been efforts to build a street connecting Jérémie to the rest of the country, but obscurities about land titles and other obstacles allegedly stopped the construction. The people in Jérémie have been protesting against the discontinuance of construction since the company carrying out the construction left the city.

Infrastructure is a huge issue in Haiti. The roads are often not paved or damaged, which make travelling or shipping goods throughout Haiti extremely difficult and protracted. Jérémie, the focus of Tek4Kids’ efforts in Haiti, is not yet connected to any other cities by paved streets. Currently, it takes about 10 hours to travel the 177 miles from the capital Port-au-Prince to Jérémie with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Read more about the situation in Jérémie in the Reuters’ News Article.

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