The Poverty Cycle in Haiti

The picture below represents some of the fundamental dynamics in the Haitian cycle of poverty. As the image shows, Haiti’s stagnant economy is due to many factors. Taken together, they pose a daunting challenge for the Haitian government.

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Tek4Kids is very excited because our mission interacts directly within, upon, and against two crucial dynamics at work within the Haitian cycle of poverty:


Clean water is necessary for general health and to protect against water-borne diseases and organisms. Tek4Kids is proud to help provide clean water as part of our mission. When Haitian children and their families use water we provide, the number of diseases goes down significantly and even the child mortality is reduced. Statistics show Haitian child mortality is often linked to water-borne diseases that cause debilitation and death. If a child’s parent or adult caretaker becomes ill or dies due to contaminated water, that child’s world is turned upside down. If the child’s adult caretaker becomes critically ill, school children often must care for them. If the adult dies, the surviving child’s life is at risk in Haiti.

Tek4Kids strategically places clean water in cisterns on school property through the installation of water purification systems. This purified water creates and sustains the conditions for learning while at school. In fact, children often carry water back to their families after school. Both children and their families are impacted by this part of Tek4Kids’ mission.


With good water available at school, Tek4Kids is able to develop the next target in our mission: technology and language education, such as French and English. We have been providing equipment for the installation of computer labs within our partner schools. We also developed a basic curriculum in Microsoft Office products (such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), as well as specialized instruction in “technological English.” Additionally, in order to improve the opportunities of the students to find a job after graduation, we will teach advanced French as well as English classes.

Now return to the graphic above. Haitian students who succeed in mastering the technological education provided by Tek4Kids and our partner schools become agents acting against other stages in the Haitian poverty cycle. Successful graduates become employable. Employed citizens are able to financially care for their own children and families, from food to health care. Employed citizens are able to pay taxes to provide public services. Citizens both educated and employed have higher expectations for clean water, essentials for life, and better schools.

Click here to find further figures, background information, and outlooks for the Haitian economy.

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