Devastation in Jeremie, Haiti

On Tuesday, October 4, Hurricane Matthew made a direct hit on the coastal city of Jeremie, the town in western Haiti where our Tek4Kids staff and partner schools are located. We have been unable to make direct contact with our staff in Jeremie, but we have heard accounts of the extensive damage from other sources. Many homes are destroyed and many other buildings, such as schools and businesses, had roofs ripped off. Most crops were completely wiped out. Roads and bridges in the area have been washed away. Food supplies and clean water will be scarce and Jeremie’s citizens are very isolated from the rest of the country; a cholera outbreak is a real concern. We are anxiously waiting to hear how our Haitian team has fared through this tragedy. When we are able, we will begin the rebuilding and relief work they will so desperately need. Please stay tuned for details on how you can help support the rebuilding of Jeremie, Haiti through Tek4Kids. We thank you very much.

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