Another Boice Joins Tek4Kids in Haiti

Working with Tek4Kids has become a family affair for the Boice family! Gary and Cathy Boice are its co-founders, while son Michael joined the team full-time last year to lead and coordinate all our technology efforts in Haiti.

Recently, son Brooke traveled to Jeremie, Haiti to teach a Python class for third year students at St. Francis School of Technology, the certified technology school Tek4Kids began in 2015. Brooke lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and three children and is currently a Senior Advanced Services Architect in the Data Center ATG with Trace3.

Brooke created a lab environment where everyone in the class had access to their own virtual machine to run Python, which is a high-level programming language used primarily for web and application development. During the class, Brooke presented brief segments of lecture, immediately followed by a lab to apply the lessons learned. He focused initially on the basic concepts of Python and the labs then challenged students to customize Python scripts that query live websites for weather data, based on location. Finally, the students built a basic Python web server.

Brooke commented that he was surprised by the students’ level of engagement and noted that almost every student followed along and constantly asked questions. He said it was truly a pleasure to teach students who were so eager to learn!

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