SFST Receives Significant Certification

Our technology school in Jeremie, Haiti, the St. Francis School of Technology (SFST) recently received its certification from the National Institute of Vocational Training (INFP). Created by presidential decree in 1973 and later (in 1983) entrusted with managing vocational schools, INFP’s mission is to develop and organize permanent vocational training programs and coordinate various means of such training in Haiti.

INFP certification is required to operate a vocational school in Haiti and mandated by the Minister of National Education. SFST can now participate in Haiti’s official examinations and persons who graduate from a school with this certification are considered highly qualified and eligible for employment in their chosen field.

In addition to the recognition for students, the certification sends a positive signal to the community that SFST meets all the quality, excellence and administrative standards required to be certified. The diplomas SFST confers will carry both an exceptional reputation and the official signature of Haiti. The certification will also allow some educational partnerships between the US and Haiti and make it possible to prepare duty-free applications for importing technology materials. The designation could lead to funding from both US non-governmental organizations and Haiti’s government, which supports the education sector.

Normally, the INFP certification process can take anywhere from five to eight years. But thanks to a great team effort from Gary Boice, William Philippe and Michelet Jerome, SFST is now certified after only four years in existence! Jerome followed up on Gary and Philippe’s initial work toward certification by travelling to Port-au-Prince several times to meet with INFP officials and its director, Maguy Durce’.

SFST offers a three-year intensive program of study in areas such as database, networking, programming and Microsoft Server training. English is also part of its curriculum. With its new classrooms, lab space and this certification, the stage is now set for St. Francis School of Technology to become one of the premier technology schools in Haiti!

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