Tek4Kids Honors Its Volunteers

Tek4Kids is grateful to all of our great volunteers for their commitment, dedication and service. They are an integral part of bringing the dream of a brighter future to our students in Haiti! We want to highlight three of them:

Don Kavanaugh has volunteered with Tek4Kids since 2011 and was volunteer of the year in 2012. He brings his computer expertise and knowledge from over 30 years of service to Humana. Along with other Tek4Kids projects, Don prepares iPads and laptops for use in Haiti.

David Puckett was our volunteer of the year in 2013 and is a retired systems engineer from IBM. He works on electrical wiring projects, generators, pump houses and monitoring equipment and cameras for Tek4Kids.

Bob Glaser is our newest volunteer, joining our team in 2014 and making his first trip to Haiti in November, 2014. Bob spent 40 years working in service management in the IT industry. Of his initial experience with Tek4Kids in Haiti, Bob says, “I worked alongside awesome people and it’s an experience I will never forget. I have the highest respect for their dedication and the work they are doing.”

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