Teaching English is a Joy for T4K Volunteer

Tek4Kids volunteer Rose Yunker has been teaching English at our new St. Francis School of Technology in Jeremie, Haiti since September. She recently shared this reflection of her time there.

“Before coming to teach at St. Francis School of Technology, Gary warned me not to become discouraged by the challenges of teaching English as a second language. He had heard of other educators who had come from other countries and had left disillusioned by their lack of success.

How different has been my experience here! The twenty-four young adults, eighteen males and six females, that I teach are the epitome of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed learners. They see mastery of the English language as an inevitable key to a successful future and are as docile as third graders in following my directions and participating in the games, activities, exercises and even the tests that I give them. More than once, students have said to me, “I am so happy that you are here. I love English!”

If you want to meet students who eyes will widen with delight at the thought that you will help them speak English, come to St. Francis School of Technology in Jeremie, Haiti.”

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